Following the 2014 conference certain speakers have kindly agreed to allow us to put copies of their seminar notes on this site.

Most of the notes are in PDF format so that no matter what version of computer you have you should be able to open them. If you are having difficulty please contact

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Selected notes for the Belfast and Dublin conferences from 2014 are below:

Download Conference Notes

Dublin 2014 Notes

Creative Prayer - Lynn Storey

Engaging Children with Special Needs - Colin Millar

God the Bible and Under 5s - Sally Mckee

Involving Children in Church - Cliff Jeffers

Storytelling and Drama - Play It By Ear Drama Company

Teaching the Bible through Crafts - Elke Koker

Belfast 2014 Notes

How to Disciple Children - Nicky Bradley

How to Help Boys Enjoy Church - Paul Brown

How to Help Kids Worship - Ruth Bromley

How to Manage the Chaos - Walter Lambe

How to Communicate the Gospel to Kids - Paul Cameron

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